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Sponsor Your Brand At Showcase Tour

Music Pusher Entertainment (MPEnt) exist to provide the listening audience access to music, by local Rap, R&B & soul performers or group. The concept is to make the audience aware of new & upcoming artists. The Company have Been existent since 1999 and launched the website in 2008 at musicpusherent.com in Springfield Gardens NY. Music Pusher entertainment has already made a mark in the music industry by recording and mastering music for Soja Realz, Joe Benjamin’s plus more…. The Company has already launched a print magazine featuring some of the music industry top verified artist worldwide.

with over 43 mix-tapes on The Music Pusher Show on Bubble Shake Radio and exclusive city Hip Hop News the company is successfully on its way. also over 6000 unsigned artist played on the show as well. The Latest mixtape out know by Music Pusher Entertainment has some of the industry top entertainers in the business with in our network that is a part of the tour. Listen and Download Here


Music Pusher Ent primary audience is the fans of Northern East Coast Rap and R&B music. Our secondary audience are the national fans who are made aware of our artist through national tours, airplay, media, and word of mouth. The long term goal of M.P.E is to utilize international tours, airplay’s and word of mouth in order to generate larger fan base and a more diverse audience. this audience is located mainly in the Northern states and there Rap & R&B music are there primary choice of music. Market: there are currently no industries serving the people with what they want. which are the streets and the real aspects of life in which the art form was created in the first place. also giving each and every individual an equal opportunity to eventually be successful.

Music Pusher Entertainment LLC, as the name implies, produces CD’s of MPE music groups. The typical Music Pusher Entertainment LLC buyer is in the 13-22 year old age bracket–and is a direct result of the attitudes expressed by the label’s bands. The spirit of youth is the driving force of the label, offering proof that the energy of MPE music exists beyond constraints and categorizations. While Music Pusher Entertainment hates to pigeonhole any of its artists’ musical sounds, it can be generalized that all the bands convey an in-your-face Hip Hop music. This sound, when coupled with each artist own creativity and inspiration, allows for the artists to maintain their identity while sharing the same energy, focus and often fan base with their label mates.Music Pusher Entertainment LLC is an artist-friendly label, priding itself on giving its Artist and bands complete artistic and creative freedom.

Hip hop and R&B is the music of preference among boys and young men, ages 12-22, who are part of the culture. Hip Hop has grown into an enormously popular sound that generated 1/2 billion dollars in sales last year. Each year the base of Hip Hop grows even larger.

Strategy and Implementation Summary Music Pusher Entertainment LLC will use their competitive advantages in a new musical area of Hip Hop music to steadily gain market share. The first advantage is based on Wayne Bents extensive inside knowledge of the recording industry. The second advantage is an already established network of contacts within the industry.

Marketing Strategy Music Pusher Entertainment has established the following Promotion and Distribution strategies.

Promotion Strategy : MPE recording artists will be marketed at the weekly sponsored events by The Wayne Bent Enterprise LLC. A band will play at each event during the summer months. In addition, MPE recording artists will perform as part of the concert series sponsored by The Wayne Bent Enterprise LLC, Non Stop Ent, Exclusiv Vodka, Wild Out Wednesdays, Coast 2 Coast Media, This Is 50.com Plus more…. Find Out more By Emailing Us to Recieve Proposal Of Tour @ Info@Thewaynebententerprise.com


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